The driving force of the work of Annerose is a fascination for nature, for the diversity of life forms. Originally she wanted to become a biologist or an artist. Annerose chose art, but her interest for biology and for biodiversity can be found both visually and in content of her work.

Her latest work is about the relationship between man and nature in today’s world. It intrigues her to see how our conceptions of nature are determined by contemporary science, economy, media, and our culture. These preoccupations are reflected in (sur)realist sculptures that tell stories and provoke contradictory feelings.

Annerose attaches great importance to craftsmanship. With great precision and diligence Annerose creates work that touches people and that makes people think of the role humans play in this world. 

Annerose dog sculpture


"The work of Annerose is characterized by enthusiasm, in design as well as theme. Concerned as she is with nature and the environment, particularly with the latent threat of insufficient global attention to the protection of our environment, she creates modern art that carries a message without being rebellious. Her work is very realistic in style, mirrored directly from nature. However, this does not mean that there is purely naturalistic design, especially since the work, derived from the vision outlined above, often shows a surreal side. An example of this is reflected in the turtle that carries a modern metropolis. In light of her concern with preservation of the natural balance of our planet two extremes, the economy versus the environment, are inextricably linked to advance into the future in symbiosis. Although Annerose likes to use “art” generated by nature itself to add her own creations to in order to bring a “new” object of art into being, she is not at all a player on the sliding slope between reality and dream world. There is always the urge to create even better art. She is not easily satisfied with the product of her talents, only perfection is good enough to carry her message. Annerose is a woman with a hopeful future in the land of contemporary fine arts."


Sjef Horsten, art lover and art critic

Winter 2011/2012